Professional mountain guide, Austin Shannon, promised himself long ago that he would lead his life doing what he loves and always follow his dreams. During his 29 years, Austin has climbed, kayaked, biked, and lived large in some of the most beautiful places on this planet. He grew up in close proximity to mountains and makes a point to continue live near them. And while he travels far and wide, it’s family that always brings him home. “My family is one of the most important things to me. Many of the things I have learned in life, I have learned from them. Whenever I am away on a trip they are what brings me home.” Austin’s favorite part about his job is getting people to do things they never thought possible. Taking someone up a mountain or a technical rock route, watching them stand on top and realizing their goal is the greatest paycheck of all. Austin continues to work on his AMGA certification while attending graduate school so he can do what he loves for as long as his body will allow.

What gets you excited about embarking on an adventure?
Meeting new people, experiencing new things.

What does “Genuine” mean to you?
To me Genuine is simple…”you cannot B.S. the mountains” The mountains will bring out your true self. I wear my feelings on my sleeve and say what I think.

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